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Our Catholic social tradition reminds us that along with the dignity of humanity we also must respect the absolute integrity of creation. Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, reminds us to be attentive to our environment and to pursue sustainable development that respects our common home. Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens understands this teaching and, in keeping with it, we’re focused on caring for the environment and promoting safe, healthy, and earth-friendly ways to live.

Our Common Home represents our dedication to this effort, as well as our ongoing commitment to building awareness and finding innovative ways to continue our work. The earth is God’s gift, and Catholic Charities is focused on protecting it through sustainable living practices that minimize our impact on the environment while also improving lives.


– Psalm 24:1

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Events & Green

From Earth Day Events and Heathy Food Distribution to gardens and green spaces throughout our affordable housing complexes, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is committed to promoting both a healthy earth and a healthy lifestyle.

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Climate Change

The effects of climate change include rising temperatures, flooding, and severe weather events. Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens helps individuals and families prepare for these events with “go bags,” while also providing disaster relief.

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Reduce-reuse-recycle is the theme throughout all our facilities, from robust recycling and education programs to on-going community outreach and events where we giveaway reusable shopping bags.

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Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is focused on reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the effects of climate change. Solar panels cover the roofs of our newest affordable housing complexes, generating clean renewable energy.

Our Common Home in Action

We must repent and modify our lifestyles and destructive systems… This means “converting” models of consumption and production, as well as lifestyles, in a way more respectful of creation and the integral human development of all peoples, present and future, a development grounded in responsibility, prudence/precaution, solidarity, concern for the poor and for future generations.

– Pope Francis, 2022 World Day of Prayer