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Olga Kogan of the Catherine Sheridan Senior Center Celebrates 100th Birthday

CCBQ would like to extend our congratulations to Ms. Olga Kogan on her 100th birthday! Ms. Kogan, a member of the Catholic Charities Catherine Sheridan Senior Center in Queens has lived in Jackson Heights, Queens for more than 27 years and spends her time reading and walking. Ms. Olga attributes her longevity to a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not at the center, she loves to spend time with her three grandchildren, seven grand-grandchildren and two grand-grand-grandchildren (phew, try saying that three times!) Pictured is Ms. Olga with her daughter Ludmila (left) and best friend Ida (right.) Thank you to Councilman Daniel Dromm and New York State Senator Jessica Ramos for recognizing Ms. Olga on her centenarian birthday and gifting her with a certificate.