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Older Adult Activities that Preserve Independence, Health, Spirit and Youth

Members of the Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens Older Adult Centers are on a move in Queens! This month they’ve continued to participate in an array of activities to preserve their independence, health, spirit and youth. 

At the Peter DellaMonica Older Adult Center in Astoria, members worked on finding their inner peace and harmony in their very own backyard through the graceful movements of Tai Chi. Tai chi, an art embracing the mind, body and spirit is an internal Chinese martial art with health benefits and meditation. 

Across town, members of the Howard Beach Older Adult Center celebrated their hidden talents during an annual talent show.  Dancers, singers and poets graced the community center and showcased their skills during an afternoon featuring acts across different forms of art.

In Jamaica, Queens, members of the Hillcrest Older Adult Center had an opportunity to perform a special dance routine at the Queens Theater through a special city initiative with Su Casa and local Councilmember Natasha Williams.

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is grateful for these valuable programs, our staff, volunteers and partner organizations that make activities like these happen. Click through the photo gallery below for more from the Peter DellaMonica, Howard Beach and Hillcrest Older Adult Centers.

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All older adult programs are funded by NYC Aging.