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Fidelis Care Awards Grant to CCBQ

Fidelis Care, the New York State Catholic Health Plan, recently announced a combined grant award in the amount of $861,000 for Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens and agency affiliate, Catholic Migration Services for valuable work in the community from the Fidelis Care Community Grant Fund. 
The Fidelis Community Care Grant Fund was awarded to Catholic Charities for the Healthy Families in Brooklyn and Queens program. Contributing to community programs, the grant supports the work of providing access to quality healthcare and other services for vulnerable individuals. This includes services for at-risk families, homeless prevention, young adults in need of a second chance, and academic, recreational and cultural activities for young people grades K-12. These programs are offered in a safe and supportive environment throughout the year and improves the quality of life for low-income New Yorkers in the two boroughs. 
Fidelis Care also awarded Catholic Migration Services, a Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens affiliate agency, a grant for their Parish Outreach and Health Education Program. 
“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Fidelis Care for their continued support to the work of Catholic Charities and their commitment to serving those in need,” said Msgr. Alfred LoPinto, Chief Executive Officer Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens. “The financial support of Fidelis Care in essential to effectively respond to the human needs of our neighbors. As at-risk families in our boroughs face increasing challenges, this funding becomes more important now than ever.”
Pictured from left to right: Msgr. Alfred LoPinto, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens; Lori Vavrinec, Director of Marketing, Fidelis Care; David Daneli, Marketing Manager- Brooklyn & Staten Island, Fidelis Care; and Very Rev. Patrick J. Keating, Esq., Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens, and Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Migration Services.