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Catholic Charities and Commonpoint Queens Distribute 75 iPads to Older Adults

Thanks to how community members voted in participatory budgeting last year, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens partnered with Commonpoint Queens Employment Hub to distribute 75 iPads to older adults in Woodhaven, Queens. During the distribution of the iPads, Commonpoint Queens and Catholic Charities set up the new tablets, so they were ready to use, allowing our older adults to stay connected to loved ones.

Since the pandemic, maintaining a virtual connection with family and neighbors has become an essential part of life. During this time, the older adults we serve transitioned from in-person group meetings at local Catholic Charities Older Adult Centers to virtual meetups.

Putting iPads in the hands of older New Yorkers not only provides entertainment and memory stimulation but connection to news and family. The new iPads keeps everyone connected, while participating in educational classes, physical activities and art classes online. Both teams also uploaded helpful resources and apps connecting the older adult community to city resources.

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