Bereavement Services

Our Bereavement Services program assists bereaved individuals regardless of faith or culture. Bereavement Services are offered on a one-to-one basis as well as in support group setting. The program coordinator makes referrals to appropriate resources, and is available for bereavement trainings and presentations. We also assist with burial arrangements for indigent Catholic Charities clients.

Bereavement Support Groups meet in parishes of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens and include Spanish-speaking groups. Unresolved grief can manifest as anger, violence and sickness. Grief is central to the human experience. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, and here in Catholic Charities Bereavement Services, we take that mission seriously. Many active Parish Bereavement Groups serve as places where healing begins.

If you or a loved one are looking for a compassionate bereavement group near you, please contact Deacon Mauclair Simon, M.Ed, LMSW at (718) 722-6214 or email

The Office of Bereavement Services for the Diocese of Brooklyn is Operated by Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens’ office of Mission and funded by Catholic Cemeteries.

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