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ESOL Classes Offers Students More Than Just English Classes

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is proud to announce that a new session of in-person ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes have begun at Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church in Woodside, Queens. Students meet twice a week for three hours each to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Lessons involve English language practice in various contexts including family, community, education, financial literacy and banking, health, work, housing, current events and news, as well as cultural topics and holidays. The objective of these classes is to help students and ultimately their families become more confident, independent and successful New York City residents as they acclimate to the daily challenges of American life.

The Catholic Charities ESOL Program provides free English classes for individuals interested in learning the language. Students receive social services and legal referral information about U.S. citizenship and other immigration services. Assistance also includes employability skills through job training and career preparation, computer classes, development of advanced college-level English, and financial literacy. Morning and afternoon classes are offered Monday through Thursday. Contact us to learn more about class schedules.

Enrollment is still taking place. Prospective students are encouraged to call (718) 726-9790 ext. 3033/ 3031 to register!