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Crystal & Company Volunteers at Catholic Charities

This year’s 2015 Bishop’s Humanitarian Award Dinner honored those individuals who continue to make strides in their community and the lives of those around them. James F. Crystal, Executive Vice President of Crystal & Company, was one of this year’s recipients of the Bishop’s Humanitarian Award. Recently, he and approximately 25 additional staff from Crystal & Company volunteered at the John J. Farrell Residence in Brooklyn, New York. Crystal Cares, their volunteer initiative, joined with Catholic Charities to beautify one of our residences for formerly homeless individuals.
Together with the residents, Crystal Cares worked on beautifying the backyard of the John J. Farrell Residence and potted lovely flowers in planters. The volunteers also spent time talking with the residents over lunch. Also in attendance was Robert Trobe, Managing Director at Crystal & Company, who also served as the co-chair of this year’s 2015 Bishop’s Humanitarian Award Dinner. The annual Dinner acknowledges those who encourage the mission of Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens to provide aid and support to those who need it most.
Thank you, Crystal & Company!
James F. Crystal (left) with other Crystal & Company staff volunteer to help plant flowers in the backyard of
the John J. Farrell Residence in Brooklyn.
To see more photos of the event and the lovely planters, click here.