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Coat of Arms Club Welcomes New Members

Bishop Robert J. Brennan recently welcomed new members of the Bishop’s Coat of Arms Club at a celebration of the Eucharist during a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Joseph’s University Chapel, followed by brunch at his residence. This year’s Coat of Arms Club kicked off the 125th Anniversary festivities for Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens and welcomed eleven new members: Mr. and Mrs. Dominic and Maria Arlistico, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Aufenanger, Ms. Kathryn Grow-McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Jacqueline Meagher, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin A. and Marie Ange C. Mignott, Msgr. Michael J. Phillips and Mrs. Eva A. Krainchich.

Over the years, the membership has grown, and current participants have invited others to join this select group and the Ruby Red Circle by making a supplemental gift. Continued support of the Bishop’s Coat of Arms Club provides many individuals and families with the helping hand they need to get back on their feet.

Founded in 1972 by Edgar Debany and William Scalzo, the Bishop’s Coat of Arms Club was created to help the less fortunate in the Diocese of Brooklyn through the compassionate and dedicated work of Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens.

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