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CCBQ’s Montessori Education Prepares Children for a Lifetime of Learning

In a recent article in America Magazine titled “What Maria Montessori Knew,” author Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry heralds the advantages of the Montessori Method, saying that it “is not only superior to all alternatives but categorically so.” Since 1996, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens has used the Montessori Method for the more than 1,800 children enrolled annually in our 14 early childhood programs. As of 2018, over 370 Catholic Charities education staff members have received Montessori teacher training in the Caritas Professional Development Center with more than 20,000 children benefitting from their time in the program. The mission is to return Maria Montessori’s vision to its roots by providing children of low and middle-income families the opportunity for a quality Early Childhood education and to aid all children in reaching their full potential.
“We are extremely proud of our 22-year Montessori history, and we are confident that our students have entered primary school with the skills needed to out-perform their peers in reading, math and social skills,” says Msgr. Alfred LoPinto, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We have witnessed first-hand how life-changing the Montessori course is for these children. By enabling each child to learn and grow at their own pace, we firmly believe we are setting them on the right path for a lifelong love of learning and education.” Click here to read Gobry’s article and visit us here to learn more about our Early Childhood programs.