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CCBQ Distributes $150,000 to Parish-Based Food Pantry Services from The Frederick Foundation

The Frederick Foundation, with the assistance of Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens, awarded a total of $150,000 in grants to parishes who are operating Food Pantries or Food Assistance Programs.
The grant award ceremony was held on Monday, June 30 at St. Helen’s Church in Howard Beach, N.Y. Auxiliary Bishop Paul Sanchez presided over the ceremony. The amount was distributed amongst 76 parishes. Msgr. Alfred LoPinto, Vicar for Human Services for the Diocese of Brooklyn opened the ceremony, followed by Sr. Ellen Patricia Finn, O.P, Deputy Executive Director, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens who led the attendees in an afternoon prayer. Bishop Sanchez gave a short speech and then presented the checks to the parishes and food pantry representatives in attendance.
Representatives of the 76 Parishes with their checks at St. Helen’s Church in Howard Beach.  
“By our goodness and by feeding the hungry, we allow God to touch our hearts,” said Bishop Sanchez. “The people who come to you in need and seek assistance, are people with faces and names and I’m sure you have come to know the story of their lives. These are not only the faces of the hungry – but those who may have many needs. Thank you for looking these people in the eye and knowing them by name and feeding them. There are many statistics that connects poverty and hunger to the security of people… more than 20 percent of our New York City neighbors have difficulty affording food, including seniors who are becoming increasingly food insecure. In a country that struggles with the need to continue to provide for those who are hungriest among us, you are offering a hand and a response – a positive gesture. Together we will do what we can with God’s help.”
In addition to the churches in the Diocese, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens operates a network of 20 food pantries. Last year, CCBQ’s pantries helped distribute more than 1 million meals to more than 115,000 people within the Diocese.
The Frederick Foundation, Ltd. Exists to provide assistance to encourage and support those entities involved in the teaching and practice of virtues embodied in the work of St. Vincent de Paul. In addition to the grants to the parishes, the Foundation also made two other grants, one to Catherine Laboure School and the other to the Missionaries of Charity to support their summer programs for at-risk youth.
John Bittner, Vice President of The Frederick Foundationwas also present at the ceremony. He had a few closing remarks for the Parishes.
“I give thanks to the volunteers, for it is on through volunteers that anything works. The Frederick Fund wants to continue to provide as much assistance as humanely possible to the Diocese of Brooklyn.”
Bittner also thanked the Catholic Charities staff for their cooperation and quick assistance is in the distribution and selection of the parish-based food pantries who received funding. Food pantries applied for the fund through the Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens Community Project Directors, all of whom were on hand at Monday’s ceremony. 
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