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Alzheimer’s Program Featured on The NET

Today, nearly 5.4 million people have Alzheimer’s Disease. Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens has two Alzheimer’s program, one in Jamaica, Queens, (CCNS Social Adult Day Alzheimer’s Program) and one in South Brooklyn (South Brooklyn Social Adult Day Alzheimer’s Program), to help cognitively impaired individuals age 60 and older who can benefit from a congregate day care program. Our programs are designed to offer mental and physical stimulation to the participants and respite for their caregivers, as well as supportive individual and group counseling for families and friends who support for their loved ones. To learn more about all of our coordinated services for seniors, visit our Saint John XXIII Senior Services page.
Recently, Michelle Powers of Currents News, NET TV, reported that Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is at the forefront in caring for patients: