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A Moment of Kindness Leads to a Lifetime of Memories

We have the sweetest story to tell and you may just tear up (we almost did!) Korean War Veteran and member of the Catholic Charities Narrows Senior Center in Brooklyn, Peter Mastrapasqua was recently reunited with his dog tag from his time of service. Owners of Gard and Hammer Auctions in Indiana came across Mr. Mastrapasqua’s dog tag during a business transaction and made it their personal mission to locate Mr. Mastrapasqua and return the dog tag. To celebrate the reunion, the center hosted a patriotic appreciation for Mr. Mastrapasqua. Thank you SO much to the owners of Gard and Hammer Auctions for reuniting Mr. Mastrapasqua with his dog tag and thank you to Mr. Mastrapasqua for his service.