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14 Jul, 2021 | News

Your Health and Wellness is Our Priority, Contact NY Project Hope for Emotional Support

If you need support dealing with the challenges and emotions of COVID-19 we’re here to help. Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is now a provider of NY Project Hope, New York State’s COVID-19 crisis counseling program. Receive free, confidential, and anonymous emotional support today. Call 929-268-3321 or call our Call Center at 718-722-6001, Monday — Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.
Since the pandemic began, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens has witnessed a 1,000 percent increase in food requests and has provided much-needed food packages and services at 49 Catholic Charities parish-based food pantries. In total, the agency distributed over $3.4 million in food assistance in 2020. In addition, Catholic Charities witnessed a 37 percent increase in clients in 2020, and continued to deliver mental health counseling, housing services, family services and early childhood education. For additional information, visit our website at