Saint John XXIII Senior Services


A Mission to Seniors

Saint John XXIII Senior Services provides all seniors and their families with ready access to the full array of senior services offered by the Diocese of Brooklyn through Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens and related agencies.  Through the Saint John XXIII Senior Services, we assist seniors in preserving their independence, in continuing to enjoy a fruitful life experience, and in accessing the spiritual and physical supports that are needed in a timely fashion.


Contact 718-722-6001 to access any of our services, including:

The Saint John XXIIII Senior Services will also form two task forces (one in Brooklyn and one in Queens) to engage the communities for a deeper understanding of the needs of our seniors, especially the most urgent needs, and to find ways to address those needs. It will also provide a platform for senior voices to be heard in regards to legislation and other civic matters that impact their lives and are important to them.

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