Gifts of Appreciated or Depreciated Stocks

Benefits You and Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens

Your gift of stock can help all those who receive aid through Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens social services – and bring tax benefits to you and your family.

Contributions of appreciated securities held for more than a year are generally deductible at current market value, regardless of what you paid for them.  Additionally, capital gains tax is avoided through charitable gifts.

If you make a gift of stock, won’t you let us know?

While Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens gratefully accepts all gifts, including anonymous ones, it is very important for us to know the identity of the donors of all securities gifts in order to give prompt and accurate credit for gifts received. Particularly in the case of an electronic transfer, it is often very difficult to obtain this information after the transaction is processed.

Also, as soon as a securities gift is received and matched to the donor, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens sends an acknowledgment stating the nature of the gift, the gift valuation date and the gift valuation amount for tax purposes.

To properly process your gift and acknowledge your generosity, please contact Lucy Garrido-Mota :

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens
191 Joralemon Street, 12 FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-722-6211
Fax: 718-722-6242

You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Donor's name and complete address
  • Name of stock and type (common, public, private, restricted)
  • Number of shares or securities transferred
  • Date you intend to make the gift

To properly transfer stock as a gift, your broker will want the following information about Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens:

  • Brokerage: Fiduciary Trust Company International
  • DTC Number: 902
  • Account Name: Catholic Charities Diocese of Brooklyn (our formal corporate name)
  • Credit Account: 140444407 N/O Catholic Charities Diocese of Brooklyn

A Stock and Bond Power form is provided for your convenience*

Stock Instructs Form 2017.pdf15.69 KB

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