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22 Nov, 2011 | News

Over One Hundred Families Receive Help Putting Food on the Table This Thanksgiving

During the Thanksgiving holiday, requests for our food have reached staggering numbers with an increase of families in need. This holiday has also proved more challenging to obtain turkey donations as many companies that provide turkeys for our families were also facing a increase in charitable requests.
Nonetheless, Catholic Charities is resourceful in meeting the growing demand for assistance. This holiday, our Queens Community Center provided over 100 families with turkeys, fish, and food baskets, which included fresh fruits and vegetables, stuffing, cake mixes, mash potatoes, soup, beans, gravy, assorted canned goods and juice. United Seafood Enterprises LP of Bordertown, New Jersey, generously donated over 100 lbs. of fish and seafood, including tilapia fillets, flounder fillets, swai fillets and shrimps as an alternative to turkeys. Special thanks to Herr Foods, Inc. for their generous donation of 35 cases of new food products.