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There’s always something exciting and important happening with our programs and services at Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens.  Read these stories and check back often.  We’re always posting updates.

"Elba Roman knew she wanted the apartment from the moment she laid eyes on it. She had seen other places, but this one stood out."
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Happy Birthday wishes are in order for Catholic Charities Narrows Senior Center member Tony Napoli, a World War II Veteran who is also one of the first members of the center in Brooklyn. Mr. Napoli recently celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by peers and family. CCBQ extends our best wishes to Mr. Napoli on this joyous occasion! Check out the photos below.

Click here to learn more about the Catholic Charities Narrows Senior Center.

​Who needs a Halloween costume when you can wear comfy PJ's? In lieu of costumes, staff members, parents and children of the Catholic Charities Parkside Early Childhood Development Center in Brooklyn opted for PJ's, dancing and an indulgence of healthy treats. Check out the photos below.

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