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22 Jan, 2012 | News

I ♥ Human Services

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens continues to serve as a Lead Advocate in the Human Services Council’s “Who Cares? I Do.” campaign. For Valentine’s Day, the HSC is organizing the “I ♥ Human Services” Campaign to bring awareness to the potential budget cuts on human services programs.
CCBQ staff and clients are filling out hundreds of heart templates on why they love human services in an effort to demonstrate why human services are so essential to our communities. These hearts, along with thousands of others, will be exhibited in public locations along with information on the “Who Cares? I Do.” campaign. Last year, CCBQ was successful in compiling hundreds of letters for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, gathering a huge number of attendees at public rallies, and signing thousands of petitions. We know our efforts will be just as valuable this year. If you want to support the “I ♥ Human Services” campaign, please contact Lucy Garrido-Mota at (718) 722- 6204 or