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07 Feb, 2012 | News

Growing our Corporate Partnerships to Help Some of the Most Vulnerable

Casa Betsaida, our supportive housing program which assists those living with HIV/AIDS, is receiving a generous donation from Arch Insurance Group thanks to their kind employees.
Jackie Estevez, a former activities coordinator at Casa Betsaida and current employee at Arch Insurance Group, informed her company about the great services offered at Casa Betsaida as she fondly remembers her days working there. As part of Arch Insurance Group’s ‘Jeans Day’ program, a bi-monthly charitable initiative, employees pay five dollars in order to wear jeans at work. The proceeds are matched by the company and donated to a worthy nonprofit organization. Casa Betsaida was named as this month’s recipient.
Casa Betsaida, Catholic Charities’ innovative supportive housing and case management program, serves the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS in Brooklyn and Queens.  In addition to housing, individuals receive much-needed services such as daily nutritious meals, counseling, substance abuse treatment, legal services and 24/7 health care. The services are tailored to serve this population’s vast needs to ensure the highest quality of life possible. Catholic Charities salutes Arch Insurance Group’s commitment to preserving the dignity of our neighbors in need—thank you.
 Photo caption: Jackie Estevez (1st row, 5th person) with her co-workers at theArch Insurance Group.