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Onid's Story

For many teens, finding a place in the world can be difficult.

For many teens, finding a place in the world can be difficult. It is even harder in a new country with a new language. When Onid Peterkin arrived in the U.S. from her native Panama at the age of 18, she immediately began immersing herself in American culture and language by taking English classes and looking for work. She was a participant in the Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens Summer Youth Employment Program, and Work, Learn, and Grow Program. At Catholic Charities, she discovered a commitment to refugees and a desire to pursue a career in social work.  Today, at the age of 24 and with a Bachelor’s degree, she is a case manager in a Catholic Charities Healthy Families Program to help other youth in need. "I am looking forward to working towards my Master’s degree and starting my career as a social worker,” says Onid. “Working at Catholic Charities made me realize how much I want to be able to help others by encouraging and guiding them.” With the help of neighbors like you, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens provides low-income youth with access to internships, job training and comprehensive social services.

Each day, thousands of New Yorkers must decide between paying rent and putting food on the table. For 120 years, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens has been providing solutions for New Yorkers in urgent need. Every day, Catholic Charities feeds the hungry through food pantry networks; serves the lonely and elderly with volunteer services and senior centers; and provides more than four thousand units of affordable housing for low-income seniors, families, and veterans with a deep commitment to alleviating poverty, Catholic Charities is changing lives and building communities through our 160 programs and  services. But we can’t do it alone. 

It takes all of us working together. With your support, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens will be able to help for the next 120 years.

To help your neighbors in need, Be the Solution: volunteer, donate or connect with Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens.