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Catherine's Story

When your child starts a new school, you start right along with them.

When your child starts a new school, you start right along with them.

After searching for the perfect, affordable school for her two little ones while she herself was preparing to become a full-time student, Katherine found a home away from home—and access to a network of services at the Sunset Park Early Childhood Development Center.

There she discovered a ​community of ​parents, teachers, and support staff dedicated to providing the children with the best possible start in life. Katherine even became involved with the Program Parent Committee (PPC).

With her children taken care of through the Sunset Park program, she felt comfortable enough to go back to school to put herself on a path to being better able to provide for her family. An active parent and dedicated student, she received her Associates Degree in Education and is currently enrolled at Hunter College pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

Since her son's graduation in 2018, today her daughter Valerie is enrolled in her 2nd year at the Sunset Park ECDC. Katherine was hired as a substitute assistant teacher in the program, so she could be close to her daughter and gain the necessary experience to become a full-time teacher after graduating.

 With the support of neighbors like you, you’re making sure that Katherine doesn’t miss a moment of her child growing up and is on a path to being able to provide the best life possible for her family.