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31 Jan, 2012 | News

Children at Catholic Charities Celebrate The Year of The Dragon

The children at our John F. Kennedy Child Care Center recently celebrated the 2012 Chinese New Year.
The 17 students at the center’s Rocket Room, along with the teacher’s aide, Mr. Conrad Johnson, experienced cultural immersion as they learned all about the Lunar Year. The 2012 Chinese New Year, which began on January 23rd, is the Year of the Dragon, which is considered to be the luckiest year. They participated in a variety of activities such as reading story books and drawing pictures abo ut the holiday. They also created red envelopes which represent good luck. Afterward, the children paraded around the school in style as they showed off their beautifully decorated dragons they created. They also learned that dragons symbolize the passion for dance.
Photo Caption: Pictured are the children at our John F. Kennedy Child Care Center with teacher’s aide, Mr. Conrad, as they show off their Chinese New Year dragon creations.