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29 Mar, 2012 | News

CCBQ’s New Volunteer Program is Up and Running!

Catholic Charities is proud to announce the launch of our new Volunteer Program section of the CCBQ website! Interested volunteers can now access and apply for agency volunteer opportunities as well as inquire about creating custom projects. 
With a wide range of individuals seeking to help our communities, the site will efficiently make use of the volunteers’ time. Since revamping the program earlier this year, we also recently hosted our first Volunteer Orientation, enabling attendees to learn about the various programs and services offered by Catholic Charities as well as the various ways in which volunteers are needed. Current volunteers also participated in the orientation by sharing their stories on what they do and how it makes a difference to not only CCBQ, but to them as well. To find out more about the agency’s current volunteer opportunities and future Volunteer Orientations, visit the web site , email or call Maia Arroyo-Roppo at (718) 722-6175.