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02 Jan, 2013 | News

Act of Kindness Helps Those in Need This Holiday Season

For the second consecutive year, the Larocque family got together this Christmas with donations to the Catholic Charities Community Center Food Pantry in Astoria, Queens in memory of their late brother Bobby. When their youngest brother Bobby unexpectedly passed away, family and friends were asked, in lieu of flowers, to donate to a community food pantry. Although the family is very large and live in dispersed locations such as Atlanta, Houston and Ontario, they came together once again to help families in need. With their mother, who still lives in Queens, they all arrived to our community center with two truckloads of food and baby supplies in Bobby’s honor. Additionally, they stayed to organize the items, and bag the food to give to hungry families. Because of the Larocque family’s generosity, many were able to have much-needed food during this holiday season.