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2020 Report to the community

2020 was a year like no other. As the pandemic began to spread, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens and its 1,800 employees came together in a spirit of generosity, community and commitment to help our neighbors in need. Teachers and Early Childhood Staff taught remotely and provided family engagement activities and daily contact, while Doctors and Counselors at our Behavioral Health Clinics provided services through Teladoc technology, offering counseling to so many who were experiencing crippling anxiety or fighting to maintain their sobriety during the crisis. The Senior Center and Senior Housing staff distributed thousands of grab-and-go meals and made daily check-in calls to our seniors to make sure they were healthy. Meanwhile, our Office of Mission Staff provided food, help and resources to those in need of assistance through our Food Pantry Network and at countless emergency Pop-Up Food Pantries. We continued to provide a safe shelter for the residents of our 4,330 residences throughout Brooklyn and Queens, and our Program Managers and staff members of our over 160 programs found new and innovative ways to continue to serve the community during the crisis. We are proud that even in times of personal crisis, the vital work of Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens continues uninterrupted. We are truly a helping hand to a community in need.

Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens translates the Gospel of Jesus Christ into action by affirming the dignity and value of every person, especially the most vulnerable members of our diverse society. Catholic Charities develops effective responses to human need and joins with all people of good will in advocating for a social order which promotes justice and enhances human development.

We are guided by the words of Pope Francis “to rediscover the concreteness of small things, the small acts of kindness shown to those who are close to us.”

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Asking the Lord to extend His choicest blessings upon you, and with an assurance of a special remembrance of you and your generosity in prayer and in the celebration of the Eucharist, I am

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Integrated Health and Wellness Services


Family Services


Emergency Help and Community Programs

Affordable Housing


Catholic Migration Services

Since 1971, Catholic Migration Services has been providing high quality legal services and Know Your Rights education to immigrants and low-income New Yorkers in Brooklyn and Queens. For most of the year, Catholic Migration Services was not able to meet with clients in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the legal services provider continued to serve clients through remote means. Altogether Catholic Migration Services provided thousands of low-income tenants, and low-wage workers with free legal services, community education, and virtual tenant organizing services.

Catholic Migration Services also obtained grants and donations that enabled it to provide more than $140,000 in cash and food assistance to 450 low-income families struggling to keep food on the table, pay rent, cover medical costs and cushion the major losses of the pandemic. The Emergency Relief Fund provided emergency financial assistance to clients regardless of their immigration status.

Since its founding fifty years ago, Catholic Migration Services has served tens of thousands of immigrants regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, national original or immigration status. Catholic Migration works directly with the various Ethnic Ministries of the Diocese to ensure that pastoral needs of immigrants are being addressed.

Saints Joachim & Anne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

In spite of the COVID pandemic, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens continued to offer its extensive network of programs and services for seniors, including home care and nursing/rehabilitation care. The Saints Joachim & Anne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers 200 beds and is the only Catholic nursing home in Brooklyn. Elderly residents receive 24-hour high-quality nursing and medical care from board certified physicians, including post-acute and short-stay, long-term care, rehabilitation services, general medical care, medical subspecialties, bariatric care and holistic therapy, ventilator and tracheostomy care, specialized diet, recreation and pastoral care. The modern facility boasts an Oceanside café and a large landscaped garden with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Call-In Centers and Walk-In Centers

Call 718-722-6001 for access and information to all Catholic Charities programs and services

Office of Mission

Bereavement Services

Community Program Services

Community Service

Diocesan Food Pantry Network

Disabilities Advocacy Services & Deaf Ministry

Vincentian Outreach Services

Witnesses of Mercy Parish Volunteer Outreach Program

Financial Reports




Contributions, grants, and bequests

$ 19,857,447

Contributed goods, services and rent

$ 4,281,089

Special events net revenue

$ 64,976


Diocesan subsidy for programs

$ 903,760

Catholic Foundation (Bishop Mugavero)

$ 200,000

Parish Christmas collection

$ 333,147

Total support

$ 25,640,419


Service fees from governmental agencies

$ 79,324,069

Service fees from third-party reimbursement

$ 19,764,598

Service fees from other sources

$ 1,382,184

Joachim & Anne nursing home & rehab service revenue

$ 23,856,210

Rental revenue

$ 50,654,212

Other revenue (loss), net

$ 12,965,654

Total revenue

$ 187,946,927

Total support and revenue

$ 213,587,346


Investment return

( $ 1,653,859 )

Unrealized gain on beneficial interest in charitable trust

$ 838,422

Total investment (loss) income

( $ 815,437 )

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Family Stabilization

$ 22,319,183

Early Childhood Services

$ 27,995,803

Senior Services

$ 22,155,681


$ 19,395,660

Clinic, Recovery and Rehabilitative Services

$ 17,051,731

Care Coordination and Case Management

$ 6,524,420

Office of Community Programming

$ 624,472

Comprehensive Human Resources

$ 4,310,809

Office of Mission

$ 247,934

Pastoral care of sick and prison ministries

$ 68,878

Other community programs

$ 551,664

Program expenses for low-income housing

$ 55,762,383

Long-term care services

$ 26,205,922

Total program services

$ 203,214,540

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General administration

$ 5,481,211


$ 1,370,255

Total support services

$ 6,851,466

Total expenses

$ 210,066,006

Gross Results from program services and operations

$ 2,705,903